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[Release] Express Clipboard v2.0 iDwgClipboard 프로그램

'Express Clipboard' is the new product name for 'iDwgClipboard'.  It improves the functionality of former 'iDwgClipboard' and provides the new features.

[Features of 'Express Clipboard']

The 'Express Clipboard' app provides a variety of functions that allow you to handle the clipboard-copied entities in the form of toolbar for reuse and to categorize the contents by the purpose of toolbar.

A. 'Express Clipboard' UI
- Window toolbar can be docked on any side of AutoCAD screen(top, bottom, left and right) and can also be used as Flyout.

B. Main Features

1. To add an item
 - It adds the item to the toolbar when it's copied to the clipboard with using the AutoCAD commands "COPYCLIP", "COPYCUT".
 - The shortcut keys, "Ctrl + C", "Ctrl + Shift + C", "Ctrl + X", also add the items to the toolbar.

2. To use the items of Express Clipboard

 - Click a button in the toolbar to insert it into AutoCAD. (It'll be inserted as a block when Shift is pressed)

3. To paste WMF into another program

 - The region of the selected entity only can be pasted. 
 - Preferences allow you to change the color and pen style of WMF.
4. To insert Clipboard WMF into AutoCAD

 - Changes the WMF copied from another programs(Excel's ClipArt, PowerPoint's shapes and so on) to an AutoCAD object and inserts it.

5. Toolbar Menus for ease of use
A menu is provided when you right-click on the toolbar.

6. To add a new content to a block in the drawing

7. To add a new content to a block in a folder

C. Preferences
 1. Content management
 - New : Creates and activates a new content.
 - Rename : Renames the active content.
 - Delete : Deletes the active content. (Once deleted, it can not be restored.)
 - Contents folder : Using Windows Explorer, opens the folder where the contents are located.
 2. General (To change the toolbar)
 - Button width size : Sets the width of the toolbar button.
 - Button height size : Sets the height of the toolbar button.
 - Button count : Sets the maximum number of the buttons in the toolbar. (If the number of the copied items exceeds the maximum count, the oldest one will be deleted.)
 - Background color : Changes the background color of the toolbar button.
 - Toolbar locking : Sets the toolbar to Locked or Unlocked. (You can not add or delete buttons while Locked sets)
 - Copy entity inform : Saves the attributes of AutoCAD entities into the text form and add it to clipboard.
 3. Preview (of the toolbar button)
 - View Direction 2D / 3D : Sets the view angle of the entity being copied to the clipboard for the preview.
             (If Z value of an entity is not '0', 3D view will be applied.)
 - Rendering type : Sets the rendering type of the preview image.
 4. Modification of a WMF property in the clipboard
 - Color Type : Changes the color of all WMF in the clipboard with the specified color at once
 - Pen Style : Changes the pen style of all WMF in the clipboard with the specified pen at once
 - Brush Style : Changes the brush style of all WMF in the clipboard with the specified brush at once
 - Hatch Type : It is actived when the Brush Style is 'Hatch', and changes the hash type.

D. Toolbar Menu
 1. Unlocking -> Locking (or Locking -> Unlocking) : Switches the 'Express Clipboard' toolbar to Locked or Unlocked state.
 2. Edit Tooltip : Edits the tooltip of the toolbar button where the mouse is located.
 3. Delete Button : Deletes the toolbar button where the mouse is located.
 4. Delete All Button : Deletes all the buttons in the toolbar.
 (The toolbar will be invisible. The toolbar appears only when a button is added at least)
 5. Insert by Scale... :Applies the scale of the selected entity and inserts it into AutoCAD
 6. Current dimscale insert <1.00> : When the entity in the toolbar item is a DIM object, inserts it by applying DIMSCALE in the drawing.
 7. Horizental Mirror insert : Turn left and right of the entity in the toolbar items and inserts it into the drawing.
 8. Vertical Mirror insert : Inverts the entity in the toolbar items upside down and inserts it into the drawing.
 9. Redraw toolbar : Redraws the image of the toolbar.
 10. Move Up : Moves the selected toolbar button up.
 11. Move Down : Moves the selected toolbar button down.
 12. Change Contents : Changes the active content. (The toolbar image will be updated)
 13. Config... : Opens the Preferences dialog.

E. Ribbon Menu command
 1. CB_ON : Changes Express Clipboard active.
 2. CB_OFF : Changes Express Clipboard inactive.
 3. CB_LOCK : Changes Express Clipboard to Locked status.
 4. CB_UNLOCK : Release Express Clipboard from Locked status.
 5. CB_TBREGEN : Redraws the preview of the toolbar.
 6. CB_WMFIN : Inserts the WMF in the clipboard into the drawing.
 7. CB_B2C : Selects a block from the drawing and creates a new content.
 8. CB_D2C : Selects a folder and add the new contents for the drawing in the folder.

'Express Clipboard' installer is only available from Autodesk App Store.  An private subscription will provides 15 days free trial with no fuctional limitation.  For the commercial use, the purchasement should be required.

US$ 20 per a user

1. Download and install 'Express Clipboard' from Autodesk App Store.
2. Run the registration dialog with the CB_REG command.
3. Send Product ID by e-mail. (
4. Make a payment with Paypal (After confirmation by the seller, License Key will be delivered via Email)
6. Enter your License Key in the registration dialog box for the authentication.


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